Fruit Not Chips

I often crave potato chips and have found a great solution to curb the desire.  Sometimes it seems easier to grab a bag of chips, however I am do not know of anyone who feels good after doing so and to think of all that stodge sitting in our stomachs and clogging our arteries.  Whenever I am on the run and am short of time to prepare lunch to take with me, I now grab a bag of fruit and eat that instead.  The other day I ate an entire bag of mandarins for $3 as an alternative to potato chips that would have cost me $4 at the gas station.  I felt so much better and as much as sometimes you think fruit isnt going to cut the mustard, it almost always certainly does.

So it is just as easy to stop at a local fruit shop and grab a bag of fruit instead of fast food.  Try it next time, we are blessed in New Zealand to have a fruit shop in just about every town or suburb you visit.  I look forward to in the future being able to visit local orchards that sell locally grown fruit from Cape Reinga to the Bluff!