Depression and Raw Food

Depression is a hard thing to live with.  Is there an answer outside of pharmaceutical medications and not knowing where else to turn.  Well I believe that there is.  Sometimes we are too quick to reach for a quick fix that never disperses the problem and only hides it.  Eating whole live foods and giving the body the nutrition it needs to be able to sustain a happy mind and heart is of essence.

By eating food as nature intended we are able to supply the body with the right energy to keep this amazing system nourished.  Sometimes it is hard to see that what we are affected by could be what we are or are not consuming.  Has anyone ever felt bad about eating fruit or over eating a salad before.  Yet we consume dead things and expect to feel good.  Perhaps for the delight of the taste on our lips and tongue, but the implications are great.  Try increasing fruit in your diet and getting out for a nice walk in the park if you are feeling down.  Pick up the phone and call a friend and get out and enjoy the sunshine.   Or better again, watch Real N’ Raw and see how others have naturally helped themselves by getting the fundamentals of nutrition into their lives.